‘Help Me’


It’s my default/go to R&B song on open mic nights

But I do want some help

Some of you know that I rarely venture north of the railway line on Portsea Island but as a part of an exhibition project that I’m working on for the Guildhall I’m trying to compile a list (with photos where possible) of places in Pompey which are ‘alternative’ in the sense of food/herbalists, healing, spirituality etc. A couple of photos (below) from Albert Road (spot the photographer) indicate the kind of thing I’m looking for, so if you know any in Copnor, Hilsea, Portsea, Landport, North End, Fratton, Cosham, etc that I could venture out and photograph – oh plus BUCKLAND (of course) – I’d be very grateful to know.





Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “‘Help Me’

  1. food/herbalists, healing, spirituality etc-In Buckland? -yer aving a laugh – pubs, fights, thefts, how`s yer father,beef dripping in your sandwiches, scraps from the Sultan Road chippy, regular unknown mateloe visits, shove `appeny in the public bar, tin baths in the back garden, rub yer hands thru me brylcreem darlin`–and as for spirituality -me old muvver always told me to steer clear of the local vicar- I`m sure times have changed but I`m loathe to re visit Buckland in case I need my car the next day!! good luck with your new venture and I am very happy to loan you my guide to surviving, talkwise, in Buckland – Babes, Doos ,Does,lyyke, aint,,oy, moosh all words that might help in your research.

  2. On one of my many bus trips through North End,Kingston Cres, Buckland etc (yes, even I can go up market), I always pass a strange mystic type shop very close to what used to be the Buckland Congregational Church on the corner of Queens Road. I can’t be 100% but I think the lady that runs it is a palm reader, crystal ball reader, might be worth checking out ?

  3. Thanks Rod. I beginning to wonder, from the silence, whether – in this respect – there is a huge cultural difference between the Albert Road/Palmerston Road area and the rest of the city …

  4. Albert Road is possibly a little more “hip” than it used to be? Palmerston Road is a difficult one to pigeon hole…apart from Knight and lee, the rest of the shops look a bit tacky to me. Perhaps I’m being a bit unfair but that’s how these old eyes see it.
    Marmion Road’s starting to get it’s act together, and Castle Road is becoming a little gem !

    • The interesting bits of Palmerston Road (in this respect) tend to be south of Osborne/Clarendon Road. The northern half is losing shops quite regularly, unless you need an estate agent or charity shop. Albert Road is helped in some respects by the students of course – and I agree completely about Castle Road. Cheers Rod.

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