Ices! Ice Creams


Alan W sent this one (cheers). I’ve missed it by a day but worth a mention

“On this day (7 July) in 1933:
New immigrants Angelo Maria Verecchia and his son Augusto (Tony) opened their famous Guildhall Square ice-cream shop. During the war, Angelo’s wife Gemma ran the business, while he worked as an interpreter for the RAF. The parlour became the ‘in’ place to meet, and stars performing at the Guildhall, including singer Dusty Springfield, were among its customers. Another shop opened in London Road, North End, and the company’s ice cream vans were a familiar sight around the city for many years”.

Fond memories of Saturday afternoons …

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Ices! Ice Creams

  1. Fond memories indeed, fantastic memories even !
    The milk shakes there were the best ! No doubt helped by a generous dollop of their fantastic ice cream.
    And one of the only places where you could get lime ones ! (my favourite )

  2. I was at school with Mario Verecchia and his younger brother was also there. They were both musicians and Mario had his own band, very originally called the Mario Verecchia Group.They actually were quite good but rather out of step with what was happening at the time. I often wonder whether Mario kept playing, he definitely went into the ice cream business and i believe took over the firm. I can’t remember his dads name, but i remember they had a very nice detached house at Bedhampton.

  3. Mario was doing some duo stuff with Bryan Hug recently. There was (and is) nothing that came close to Verecchia’s amazing wafers. 3 inches of ice cream – luck y if you could get it all down before it melted, specially at this time of year! De-lish

  4. Thats interesting, i think i last saw Mario at Manor Court Club in early ’69. Never heard is name mentioned in all the years since, must be in a parallel universe ! Your right about the ice cream, superb.

  5. Verrechias ice creams current rival……..Minghellas….TOP EXPORT FROM THE ISLAND OF WIGHT

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