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There are proposals circulating about boosting the flood defences in Southsea, one of which has a 12 ft high wall running along where the promenade meets the beach, from the Sea Life Centre to Clarence Pier.

There is lots more information and a presentation at the Cathedral on 15 July (Saturday) midday, with an exhibition there from 15-21 July

There is more information at


PS: The first thing I was sent – from a legitimate source – was a PDF which I’ve failed to download and copy here. Sorry about that, simply my incompetence. However, here’s the screenshot from my IPad



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

7 thoughts on “Enjoy This

  1. If the date today was April 1st I would just brush this article off as an April fools joke! This proposal seems ludicrous. To put a twelve foot barrier along the western promenade would be robbing Southsea, and all the surrounding areas, of one of it’s finest assets. The view is precious and something that cannot be replaced.
    I wonder who proposed this, local government, central government, or maybe some environmental organisation. Perhaps someone is worried about the bow waves created by the new aircraft carrier!

  2. My Goodness !! My first thought was “The Donald” persuaded the Council to build a wall to keep those pesky illegal day trippers from the IOW out. Then I looked at the site with some of the other proposals Geez… another underground car park and sand dunes. What are these people smoking Dave?. I guess storms are prone to doing damage and of course there is always the old Global Warming cry but a 12 ft wall seems like a bit of overkill. As the old saying goes “follow the money” there are some people going to get very rich off of this. I just wonder who comes up with this crap to start with. Did you have some damage from storms that prompted this or just another bunch of snowflakes who need to feel safe when they are walking on the common? and goodness know we have enough of them over here. Oh well as the saying goes “I don’t have a dog in this hunt” so I can only hope common sense prevails over there and watch from afar.

  3. And as for the poor Pompey ratepayers? Loss of income to the Council = no. of those parking spaces with sea views removed x £ per day to be recovered from somebody and guess who will cough up.

    Also lost will be the ‘free’ parking for the ‘elderlies’ sitting in their cars between the Sea Life Centre and Hovercraft munching their sandwiches whilst keeping a weather eye on the arrival of the parking warden’s van.

  4. O M G Yet another ‘brilliant idea’ from our council boffins…..You’re right Pete…..Maybe a plan inspired by his Trumpness to keep out immigrants from the island Seems that the plans have a large attachment stating NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION , so i guess its some way of securing the money for the project and then maybe doing something else……..(.like cleaning the rock gardens pools /the canoe lake , and doing all they can to reinstate a ‘visitor appeal’ which would surely not involve a 12ft high wall blocking the solent views as a must see attraction……

  5. There’s all kinds of stuff emerging about this. There is a Facebook site called Positive Portsmouth Politics which is carrying a discussion in which the local Environment Councillor says the BIG wall is “Fake News”. There is also an exhibition about the whole issue in the Cathedral this week and I believe something was on Meridian News tonight – maybe again at 10.30? It’s all a matter of claim and counter claim at present but maybe the wall is not true.

  6. There’s a Meridian story about this (tonight):


    The ‘objectors’ show the reporter the plans with the wall. A council spokesperson says the plans were created simply to gain the funding and there will be extensive consultation.

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