July 1967


It seems odd that thanks to Dave Mussell, I’ve only just learned to spell Procol, and interesting that there is a Birdcage flyer advertising Procol Harun to appear this weekend (Saturday 15) – apparently their name should have been Harun but it was misspelled somewhere and so became forever Harum.

Whatever, as with John Mayall the previous Saturday, they didn’t turn up, so Graham Bond played. Obviously this was past his classic Organisation quartet, I didn’t go and I’ve no idea who played with him.

Meanwhile in London there was the opening of a lengthy ‘Congress on the Dialectics of Liberation’ at the Roundhouse – It was a major counterculture event and there is much more about it at http://www.dialecticsofliberation.com/

One person attending was beat poet Allen Ginsberg who is shown below at a ‘Legalise Pot’ Rally in Hyde Park on Sunday 16 July 1967. You probably know that fifty years later, some people are still waiting – in the UK at least.





Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

2 thoughts on “July 1967

  1. I have a theory about my crap spelling of Procol. I’ve always written their name as Procul, a Latin word which almost means Far Out (!) So I reckon I probably learned it during my four years studying Latin at the Pompey posh school. I was always such a good student …

  2. Many thanks to Lenny for finding a site that explains band names and confirms the ‘far out’ Latin explanation for Procul (not Procol!)


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