We’ve only just begun …


It’s the start of the 60s – hardly swinging full-on yet but kids out having fun. This is Carole (Morris as was, Carrell as is) from Southsea out with her pals, Shirley and Pam, on a Sunday night at the Court School in Eastney. I like the couple in the background, getting real close:

Carole Carrell

Carole has always loved drawing and painting – her house in Southsea is filled with her paintings. Here is a delightful drawing from her teenage years, of Hollies Grill in Albert Road. I confess I can’t remember it and it’s not been mentioned on here, but Carole tells me it had frothy coffee, milk shakes and as you can see, a Juke Box:

Hollies Coffee


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13 thoughts on “We’ve only just begun …

  1. Having been born in the Albert Road area and working in AH Barber the ironmongers and hardware store from the age of 15 ( circa 1961), I like to think I can still remember some of the old shops and shopkeepers, Hollies is not ringing any bells ! The next time you see Carole, would you mind asking if this was the Kings Theatre end or past the traffic lights and heading towards the Odeon in Festing Road?….thanks Dave!

  2. She thought it was somewhere opposite the Salvation Army so fairly central, but I grew up in Festing Road, went to school at what’s now Craneswater and Sunday School next door to the Sally Army and I couldn’t recall it. Next time I’m in the Library I’ll check Kelly’s – but I do remember AH Barber’s! My dad would shop there

  3. The only place to buy a single screw or tap washer and of course the inevitable gallon of Aladdin Pink or Esso Blue paraffin ! In those days, we really did have cold winters. Luckily I was playing in a “beat group” which was my distraction from the harsh weather.
    The Sally Army Hall was the next block along from Barbers heading towards the traffic lights. Campions the bakers were almost opposite, then a fruit shop called Orchards, then Ivan Veck my regular record shop.

  4. There was toy shop too – south side almost on the corner with Waverley Road – east side of the traffic lights. Wonderful!

  5. Hollies spelt Holly’s in my 1960 Kelly’s, was sandwiched between the Conservative club and Smeeds. It was no 149A. I remember going in once about 1961/2 but it was a little upmarket for me at 14/15. It used to have a hanging Pepsi sign outside. I remember Rod Watts in his work coat, grey or brown I think. My father would send me for a bottle of trips or similar. It smelt great in Barbers.

    • Smeeds the off licence, remember it well, didn’t Smeeds become Threshers ?

    • Grey, ill fitting work coat, smelt of turps, paraffin and creosote. I used to mop the floorboards every morning with cedar oil, now that was a smell !
      Loved the typo Ron and glad you remembered Barbers. Incidently, Chris Christadulu, lead singer of the St Louis Checks, kept coming in on a daily basis trying to persuade me to “give up the day job” and join the band, they were doing about 6 gigs a week and badly needed an organ player to replace their current one. The thought of doing music full time was too much to resist, I spoke to the boss who was an old family friend. He very kindly let me “follow my dream” and if it went pear shaped, there was always a job for me at Barbers. In a nutshell, it went pear shaped, my then Hammond organ was repossessed by the finance company because I couldn’t keep up with the payments, on with the grey work coat complete with smells, and back to the day job….as they say “That’s rock ‘n roll!

  6. That was turps! Couldn’t get trips in those days.

    • Lovely! Mind you everything in Barber’s had to be paid for with LSD, which probably explains all Rod’s jokes these days.

      Thanks for the info Ron, that means it was on the east side of the Waverley/Lawrence Road traffic lights, going towards the Fawcett Road turning – and I’m pretty sure Smeeds did become Threshers

  7. Are they that bad Dave ? I’ll try and improve….honest !!

  8. Phew, that’s a relief !!

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