End of the Pier Show


Talking of Spooky Tooth and Carole (as I was), I suspect many of you will remember the wonderful outdoor midsummer gig on the Pier in 1968 with Traffic, Family and Spooky Tooth. Carole has been telling me about the (mostly ‘Trad’) gigs she would go to, some years before that at the Rendezvous, the Savoy and the Pier – I hadn’t realised that some of those Pier gigs were outdoors too. I wonder whether they will ever return?

On one occasion Carole went to a ‘Plebs & Debs’ fancy dress do dressed as Red Indians with her pal Sandy but because they had little money they climbed up and onto the Pier to get in. Some of her other costumes (masked/Greek/schoolboy) are shown below.

She has a diary that records going to the last-ever night at the original Rendezvous Club in the Ashburton Road Church, on Saturday 31 March 1962. The following week she was at the new venue (probably the Dockyard Club) which she liked less. There was also “Tina’s” (later the Indigo Vat, now Scandals) in Hampshire Terrace where she got to know a jazz pianist Dave Frampton. Apart from the big names like Acker Bilk, Chris Barber and Ken Colyer (the Pier, 19 August 1962) she recalls the Cardinal Jazz Men and Gerry Brown’s Band

I’ve mentioned regular nights at the Court, while other favourite haunts included the Figaro Coffee bar, the Pomme D’Or, the Apsley, Kimbells and the Rock Gardens. She went to see Vince Eagar at the Rendezvous but has less fond memories, having encountered a bit of ‘bother’ with some other girls. She did, however, go to the somewhat legendary appearance of Gene Vincent at Ricky’s Club.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “End of the Pier Show

  1. Very interesting, I was on the Pier that night too!
    Can ‘Carole’ supply any dates?
    ‘Plebs & Debs’ Pier date? who was playing?
    Rendezvous Club in the Ashburton Road Church, on Saturday 31 March 1962 who played that night?
    Scandals are now ‘history’
    Tina’s nights? does she have any dates for those names?
    Figaro? where was that?
    Vince Eager at the Rendezvous Date?
    Gene Vincent at Ricky’s Date?
    more names and dates and venues please???? cheers M

  2. Thanks Ron, still curious about it’s actual location? between Kimbells and the Queens Hote? about where Alec Rose had his green grocer shop?

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