It was better in the old days …

Mick Cooper tells me (via the News) that the Indigo Vat is now an Estate Agency. Meanwhile, the Birdcage and Savoy are flats, the Tricorn/Basins is a car park, the Railway is a housing block, Kimbells looks derelict, and the Rendezvous is an old folks home – what about the Parlour – anyone ventured up the alley lately?

PS: Thanks to Mick for some other updates and this photo of the Oasis alley entrance. The GPO huh? I can remember doing gigs for them above the big Surrey Street offices and I think up in Cosham? (I’m always a bit lost off the island)


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Tuxedo Junction (expect fireworks)

From Rod:
The “gents” will be making an appearance in between their whistle stop tour of Southsea, at the wonderful Sirloin of Beef in Eastney, next Sunday afternoon, Nov 5th 1.30-4.30pm
The line up is unchanged : Marc Tuddenham on guitar/vocals, Rod Watts … keyboard/vocals, Pete Jackson … bass/vocals, and Dave Browne … drums and vocals.

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What a Long Strange Trip …

I don’t take drugs. I hardly ever drink.

Once upon a time I did both. I last smoked dope at least 15 years ago, last took acid in 1971. I loved it. If you’ve read my recent book you’ll know that I believe all drug laws should be repealed because the legislation is a failure. I don’t mind in the slightest if others think differently.

I’m not at all sure that modern dope, cocaine, heroin are a good idea, but I’m pretty convinced of the value of pure LSD. I think it changed my consciousness for ever – and entirely for the better (which doesn’t mean there’s anything special about me – I might have started way down there)

My good friend Lenny has sent me this, pointing out that it took the scientists fifty years to catch up!

“Hello Dave, Just had to send you this – if you haven’t already seen it. Are they fucking joking! We all knew this 50 years ago – again, this is probably research done by 25 year olds who haven’t got a clue about the history of LSD both in it’s medical and social contexts since the 1950s or before. Funnily enough this takes me back to The Palmerston [as was] around the late 60s. They used to have a small TV in the snug part of the pub and it so happened that one evening there was a documentary being shown about the uses and effects of LSD on “Volunteer Patients” – some earlier ones of American soldiers being experimented on with small and varying doses under medical supervision. It was an excellent programme. I cannot remember if it was an American or British made film but it was excellent, I remember that. (LT)

I thought you’d like this:

First evidence found that LSD produces ‘higher’ level of consciousness, scientists claim (!)


Another Question

About technology

I’ve been having an email conversation with Tony Ransley, the drummer on “Kites” of course. He’s finding (a) that to Comment here he’s asked to log in with a password and then (b) his Comments rarely appear

This is all new(s) to me. Anyone else out there have to do that? Any chance it’s because he’s abroad?


Fats Domino RIP

Another fine man done gone – New Orleans rock & roll/R&B great Fats has left us (thanks to Ron for alerting me)


PS And Linda I see, was ahead of me. I read a really nice quote from Charlie Mingus earlier today: “The further music gets from song and dance, the further it gets from anything much.” Aside from the obvious tracks I nominate “My Girl Josephine” as especially fine:




More Blues

Despite my general aversion to contemporary UK blues rock (rock blues) there are a few people I like, and Bullfrog inform me that they have one of them, having “pulled off a coup, with November’s gig (Thursday 2nd November) which features the return of the legendary Paul Lamb & the Kingsnakes.  Paul Lamb has carved out a three-decade career as a premiere  blues harmonica virtuoso and bandleader, and  has toured extensively  around the world, gaining  a devoted  following …”

I’m not sure about “legendary” (Robert Johnson? Muddy Waters? BB King? etc) but I’ve always thought he’s at least very good, one of the best UK bluesmen, and worth catching – given that by-and-large the legends have gone on to blues heaven.