Burger Me!

This story could run and run

Dave Mussell’s been down to check out the Clarence Pier site and sent the photos (cheers)

Wimpy 2

Wimpy 1

I’ve got some memories of this place when it was a music venue – not least the Rod Stewart, Soul Agents, Downliners Sect gig in May 1965, but also in the early 1980s going down with the Mooks who played at Wade Shufflebottom’s 21st birthday party – a serious extravaganza!!

But don’t let me stop you guys chatting about Big Wimps …

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Paying Tribute

The Undergroundhogs appear at The Bullfrog Blues Club at The Dockyard Club,
Onslow Rd, Southsea, PO5 2NH on Thursday 1st February. Advance tickets £8
-(some concessions available) are available via our secure website
-?www.barkingspider.abelgratis.com?via Paypal and also from Street Level
Music, 139 Albert Rd, Southsea, Hampshire, PO5 2SQ (cashpayment in person
only). Doors open 8 p.m . Tickets also available on the door.


I Remember You!

Phil sent this and said “Found this the other day , and thought of us……If you got fed up with the band, you could go get a burger   ……great pic”


Most of the presentations yesterday spoke about the importance of memories in the business of being human (think dementia …)

You probably know that I grew up in Festing Road and Francis Avenue, and the seafront was a big deal in my life from the earliest years (still is). I came from a kind but old-fashioned family, so pretty much anything ‘groovy’ in my life happened away from home.

When I was maybe 12/13 and trying for the first time to figure out what might be ‘cool’. I was captivated by the Wimpy bar on the Savoy corner. One day, with a bit of extra pocket money I went in by myself and had a burger and milk shake – as far as I can recall the first time for both!

It felt as wonderful as listening to the latest hit records on the Waltzer, while avoiding the gaze of the Teddy Boys! Lovely photo Phil – many thanks.


Pete Goes to Wales

I’ve been to Merthyr today to speak about ‘Pompey Pop’ to a University of South Wales conference about Archives of local popular music, including of course the Guildhall exhibition – here’s Pete, pointing out his great early ’60s photo on the corridor wall (and a clip of the newly organised version of the Punk project)

Merthyr Pete White 2

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All the answers

Right here!

Thanks to Linda and Paul for their responses on the previous post – intriguing young man, I wonder what happened to him? (Thanks to ‘Mr 69’ too, for more memories)

Here’s the poster for that gig that Paul remembered. I wonder whether there is any link between the Blue Lagoon in Southsea and the one in Hilsea?



Cheer Up!

The weather’s shitty again (how are things with you Pete?) so Marc T very kindly sent this to cheer everyone up. He said he used to have one of those shirts – I’ve still got lots!!

It’s fabulous