“Beat Girl”


12.20am tonight (that’s actually Weds morning of course) the movie starring Adam Faith is on Talking Pictures TV – a favourite channel of mine and Mr Laker’s:


And here’s a cracking set of adverts from Graham – ah, those innocently ‘gay’ days!

2018-01-09 20.35.43


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

7 thoughts on ““Beat Girl”

  1. The very one I remember with that great soundtrack, I can hear that stinging Fender Strat even now !!

  2. Here’s a particularly interesting (last) point, from Graham: “Also starring Gillian Hills, still around, but no longer acting, Ollie Reed, Shirley Anne Field. John Barry’s first film score (at the age of 27) and the first British music soundtrack to be issued as an LP.

  3. I purchased the soundtrack back then but never realised it was the first of many, thanks for the information (I could have said info but I’m too old for these hip words )

  4. Fao Graham, Was the guitarist Vic Flick or Judd Proctor ? It possibly wasn’t JP, not quite his sound…

  5. Not sure, Rod, but would think it was Vic Flick, who was the lead guitarist for the J.B. 7 and Orchestra from late 50’s to early 60’s. I think JP’s style was more jazzy.
    Incidentally, Vic Flick recently appeared on the US ‘reality’ show, ‘Pawn Stars’, and sold his ’61 Fender Strat for $50,000.

    • I wonder how much my Salmon Pink ’61 Strat went for ? Alan Christmas tells me the same model, colour and year was sold in the States for $13000 ! Not bad for my 82 guinea investment was it ??

      • Rod, Check eddievegas.com he buys the vintage stuff and parts it out unless it has a provenance. The boom times here were in the mid 90s and prices for your strat would have been in the $40K mark. Now the market is coming back but it would be in the $18K area.

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