Charlotte Street Special


Does that famous DJ know?

Graham Laker spotted these on the backs of late 1960s Pompey programmes (back then they were in Div Two, and now they’re in Div One, so that’s an improvement huh?*) – Lenny’s always been fond of Ruby in Pompey you know.

*50 years ago today Pompey 3 Huddersfield 1 (Pointer, Hiron, McCann – 17,647 there).

Tricorn 001Tricorn 1 001Tricorn 2 001.jpg


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Charlotte Street Special

  1. I was going to ask if they went for a “Ruby” after the show. The Himalaya Restaurant was in The Tricorn, but I think that it came a little later than at this time.


  2. Wow- what a wonderful surprise- The Chants were hugely successful in the early sixties – Liverpool based they were regulars at the Cavern (often backed by the Beatles) they toured Europe,had a few near hit singles but as demand for their style of Soul music diminished they took to the “Chicken in the basket” cabaret circuit i.e The Tricorn . Lead singer Chris Amoo later formed the Real Thing. Ruby Murray had seven top ten singles -sadly now she is only recalled as a slang term for Curry! and Edmond Hockeridge was a big name in Theatre shows and musicals recording dozens of hit albums. Dickie Valentine at one time one of the regular Ted Heath Band vocalists became one of the UK`s biggest stars and when Val Parnell`s policy of booking huge American stars at the London Palladium didn`t pay off he gambled by putting in Decca recording chart star Valentine who sold out a long run at the venue and if he hadn’t been killed in a road accident would have remained at the very top. Sadly the run of cabaret acts didn`t pull in enough “punters” despite the likes of the early Freddie Starr, Little and Large, Colin Crompton and the like appearing -around 1967 the dreaded word Discotheque came along and the long haired scruff from Buckland came along with his pile of singles and was far cheaper (far far cheaper!!) so bye bye Cabaret. I think one of the last was the Singing Postman (Alan Smethurst) who was p………..d as a newt and had a stand up fight on stage with the restaurant Manager who was trying to drag him off. Wonder if Graham would mind you me using these leaflets on the Tricorn Club Facebook pages-they would be a great addition (please notice -from Buckland but with good manners!!)

  3. My teenage advisers have managed to get them onto the Tricorn Club in Portsmouth facebook pages- the info will baffle our younger members Ruby who????????? thanks Graham and Dave

  4. No probs, Pete – I have some more I can send you
    How about if you get Dave to send me your email address, so I can send them directly to you.
    I remember The Chants, one of the forerunners of The Merseybeat groups. Unusually ‘tho, they were all black and didn’t play any instruments.

  5. Thanks Graham- it`s pete@pca.uk.com – it`s on all my office stuff so no problems listing it

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