Spooky Tooth

A message from Dave Mussell, that Mike Harrison (of Spooky Tooth) has died


Dave added “Spooky Tooth were regular visitors to Portsmouth (Brave New World, South Parade Pier, Guildhall and, I seem to recall, Manor Court Club). Used to love their cover version of Janis Ian’s “Society’s Child”

I agree with that – in Rosemary, we covered that in our early days, and used to listen lots to their first two albums

Incidentally in their previous incarnation as the VIPs, they were also regulars at the Birdcage. The open-air gig on the end of the Pier was a fabulous night.




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Cool Pic

My sister came to see the Skiffle Orchestra at the Guildhall on Tuesday and took some photos – we played on the main stage with the audience there too, and shared the gig with ‘Jukebox’ – a great little band from Cowplain School. We’re playing here, and it’s the Jukebox drum kit:

Liz drums

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Gig at the Gaiety

My lot, Scarlet Town are playing the Gaiety Bar, South Parade Pier tomorrow (Thursday). Apparently they have a website advertising it, which says you have to download a ticket, even though its free.

You don’t – and it’s free.


What to say?

Ken Dodd has died. RIP of course, and speak no ill of the dead etc, but what to say? Generally when a successful or local musician of our generation dies we mark it here, and the thing is Ken Dodd was extraordinarily successful as a singer of popular songs through the 1960s. He went to number one in 1965 with “Tears”, but had his first Top Ten hit with “Love is Like a Violin” in 1960. In only one year through the 1960s did he fail to have at least one Top 40 hit record (1968) and that continued into 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1975. But, like the Bachelors, Vince Hill, Englebert etc., it was all somehow happening in a parallel universe.

PS I remembered this photo with Pompey’s Honeys

Honeys & Dodd