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Victorious Sunday (3)

The costume didn’t work. I went about three hours ago, wearing two waterproof jackets and two pairs of waterproof trousers. My Timberland boots were soon soaking and by the time I walked back, the rainwater was running down my legs. My last musical experience was this lot, and I loved them. I’m home now and that’s where I’m staying.

Dub Pistols

(One of their singers is on stage, the other bottom left with the crowd, and above him, the band, stuck in the left corner of the stage for shelter)

People found ways to enjoy themselves, particularly these Dancing Queens in their own stretches of mud.

Dancing Queens 2

Dancing Queen

(I enjoyed Gomez, who played a perfect, gentle, laid-back Sunday lunchtime set – except that is for this Sunday, when soaking, cold and wind-blown I think most of us needed the lively energy of the Dub Pistols)

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Victorious Sunday (2)

Waterproof gear at the ready:


I haven’t got a clue about most of the stuff that’s on today, although I thought I’d check out Gomez on the Common Stage at lunchtime. Been trawling Youtube about other utterly unfamiliar names – too many white boys with guitars from the 90s for me, but then I found this lot, on at 2.30. Lovely!!

Sorry, bastards won’t let me post it. Anyway check out the DUB PISTOLS

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Victorious Saturday (3)

As Jim notes in his Comment on the previous post, there is endless choice and variety at this festival. We went to see Neneh Cherry in the delightful World Music Village but it was rammed and the sound system wasn’t great – lots of bass, nothing of her in the mic, so off we went (the bonus was catching Gaz Coombes, an unexpected delight).

Neneh Cherry

Saturday afternoon around the time Pompey’s goalless draw ended, the Castle Field was absolutely full of people, way up the hill – I’m told the overall attendance is about 50,000 per day.

Castle Field

While there, we caught Billy Bragg. He looked a bit lost on that vast stage and I have to confess I’ve never quite got him musically. I like what he says and his courage in saying it, he’s written a terrific book about skiffle, he’s a good guy. I think too that he deserves admiration for making the career he has, it’s just that for me (just for me) he’s done it on a modicum of talent. But good luck to him – at one point in a general rant about the world – and more specifically about Windrush – he had the perfect message for my Festival:

“The problem with the world isn’t Conservatism and it isn’t Capitalism – it’s CYNICISM”. That’ll do for me this weekend, so thanks Billy.

Billy Bragg



Victorious Saturday (2)

“I wanna do what Common People do”. So I did. I spent most of this evening watching stuff on the Common Stage, one-after-the-other, three absolute crackers: Gaz Combes once of Supergrass – unknown to me but terrific (lovely songwriting); the legendary Brian Wilson with a fine band including Al Jardine, with his son on vocals, uncannily like the original; and Paul Weller who (+ band) was superb. A magical day.

Gaz Combes:

Gaz Combes Vic

A Beach Boy sunset – has he ever sung “Surfin’ USA’ closer to a beach?

Brian Wilson

Daylight gone, lights up, for Mr Weller



Victorious Saturday (2)

I’m pacing myself today. Going down to the World Village for Neneh Cheery at 5pm then stopping for the evening for Billy Bragg, Brian Wilson* and Paul Weller (although some people seem to suggest Paloma Faith – i’ve no idea about her).

*You know that T-Shirt ‘I May Be Old But I’ve Seen All the Best Bands’? – well I’ve certainly seen lots of them, but never any of the Beach Boys

If you’re going, look out

Victorious drugs

I’ve made the point on the Facebook site that this is to report the Festival, not slag it off, but ‘report’ doesn’t mean avoiding the occasional criticism. I’ve no desire to take a chair, but I know from the recent Wickham Festival (and others) that people do; except that you’re not allowed to at Victorious, because they say there’s plenty of seating. It wasn’t obvious yesterday evening (there seemed to be more seagulls):

Victorious field

Victorious Field 2


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Victorious Friday

There will be the occasional photo report for the next three days.

There were plenty in tonight:

Vic FRi 1

Sadly, there was plenty of rain too – especially on the Lightning Seeds.

Vic Fri 2

So My Resident Astrologer and I took refuge in the Beats & Swing Tent. We walked in to James Brown “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” and for a moment there I thought I was back on a Friday night at the Birdcage – but not quite … (seriously cool though).

Vic Fri 3

Rain at Victorious



Barley Mow Gigs

Tomorrow night (Thursday) SCARLET TOWN

Next Thursday (from Alf): “If you enjoy the music of Queen, Santana, Kings of Leon, Maroon 5, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, Amy Winehouse, Bon Jovi and more come and see RUBY ROCKS at the Barley Mow, Castle Road, Southsea on Thursday 30th August”.