Saying Goodbye


Today there was a congregation of Pompey musicians of a certain vintage to say our last goodbyes to guitarist Don Golding – here’s Don, mid-1960s, seated right at the front with the Rampant – I’d like to tell you that all his band-mates were there today, but sadly Mick Cooper far right was not. We learned from bass guitarist Nigel Baker that Mick was taken in to QA yesterday, had his appendix removed and is now recovering. Get well soon Mick.


Other ‘musos’ in attendance included members of Don’s other local bands, such as the Renegades, Dynamos, Four-Tunes, and Boyfriends – by name Marc Tuddenham, Colin Wood ‘Danny Raven’, Peter Richardson, Paul Moorhead, Alf Pink, the Hughes brothers, and the Cadillacs drummer Bryan Hatchard, who is perhaps the first of us to reach 80 and looks very well on it. If I forgot/missed anyone, my apologies.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. A sad sweet day for me as it is my eldest son’s birthday and the sad farewell to Don. Ironically Don would have loved that gathering with so many of his old band members present. I am sure memories of the good old days and of Don came flooding back to all of us. Playing the song we entered for Ready Steady Win and the video (alas without sound) of Dave Allen’s great night at the Kings were a nice touch that Don arranged before his death. RIP Don

  2. Dave please wish Mick a speedy recovery I know how much he wanted to be with us all today.

    • Will do Alf – and many thanks for that fine comment on the day – sad as you say but special too for the friendships on show from being Pompey ‘Pop’ musicians together.

  3. Rest In Peace Don. Wishing Mick a speedy recovery.

  4. A sad day indeed, but good to see so many old rockers turn up in respect for a dear friend.

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