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The Good Old Days

Here’s a reunion shot from the White Horse at Westbourne last night. Every week, Alan Christmas, Mick McGuigan and other ’60s musicians from Pompey appear at the Open Mic Night. Last night they were joined by a group of old friends, including above (L-R) Dave Allen (H Speakeasy, Rosemary), Alan Williams (St Louis Checks, Magic Roundabout, etc), ‘Lenny Tench’ the mystery man, Linn Ashton (Oasis/Parlour and DJ ‘The Bird’), Mick Cooper (Soul Society, Heaven etc) and John Pratt (Morgan’s Camel Train, Soul Society). Linn and John (Mr & Mrs Du Pret) came over from Sussex, Alan down from London.


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More Simon Dupree

Memories from ace photographer Nigel Grundy:

What happened to Simon Dupree? Terry Shulman, the brother not in the band was one of my best friends in the 60’s. We went to the first Isle of Wight festival at Godshill on the I of W together. I had one of the roadies for Gentle Giant living at my house for the year they were rehearsing and doing their first gigs and I used to travel around with them in the white transit to various gigs. We used to unload the gear from the van and set it up in my bedroom and make a real row in St. Edward’s Road. I have got a great set of photos that I took at Trident Studios just off Wardour Street when they were recording their first LP. They played the Speakeasy in Margaret Street, I enjoyed that gig and spent some time talking with Peter Frampton. I suppose you know that Derek signed Bon Jovi etc.

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The pavement outside the King’s Theatre was thick with scooters last night for the showing of Quadrophenia. Little Johnnie Russell’s was jumping too with a great DJ, Mark from the Racketeers – I’ve heard nothing like that since the great days of Brady at the Birdcage! Although it’s outside the usual time frame of this site, it was good to see some old Pompey ‘punks’ and nu wavers including Ian from Empti Fish who looked wonderfully stylish and a guy called Dave in a trim suit, shirt and tie who danced beautifully. I’m too old for Friday nights now but boy it was fun – we even went to George’s for a curry

It’s “Tommy” tonight – here’s an on-line three minute feature from Meridian


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Another Site

Visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/52197949@N07/4808612229/

There are photos there from Jacqui Hart whose husband Tony was a local drummer for many years. She did invite me to download them and add them to my sites but that’s proved beyond my (very limited) technical abilities so go and have a look for yourselves – there are some great photos (I want to know about the Bill Clack Band!). If I do get clever you’ll see them here (and on my Flickr) too.

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Solent’s Mods & Rockers

As hinted (below), I’m doing the first of a weekly Radio Solent slot from around midday tomorrow (Friday). I’m going to tie the first one into the Portsmouth Festivities this weekend around Easy Rider, Quadrophenia, Tommy etc (Mods and Rockers). If you can’t listen live it should be on-line for a week or so.