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In Memoriam

Keith notes that yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Elizabeth Cotten. Here’s her most famous song:

Apologies as I was too late to mark the other anniversary last week, the death of John Entwhistle

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Magic Prediction

Purchased this morning in a Charity shop


How do they know already?

It’s 1962 of course – and so we also get


(Weave should be Neave) – Alex Wilson was the first bloke to live in our house and top right is Bob Smith. He lives down the road and his daughter two doors away – PLUS:


Ray Crawford, born in Fratton, still in Pompey and in 1962 one of the League Champions with Ipswich (freddy Cox’s fault). All this and more in


Which I owned 52 years ago and now own again


Denny Bernard (name that drummer?)

Good morning Bloggers

We got a reply from my old pal Steve Browning (see below) and here is the pic of the band:


What I want to know is, what did Vox ever do to upset them?

Steve said

“This is the offending ‘combo’ – left to right Paul Good (bass), My dad (sax), Denny Putnam (trumpet), Ray Fisher (organ) and the drummer (wish I could remember his name). I think Bill Cole depped now and again.”

Thanks mate


One for Mr Ransley

I play guitar most weeks with my pal Brian – he pushes me to play things like F sharp minor in a barre chord and all the kind of stuff I’ve always been too lazy to learn. He lives in a flat in a housing association for ex-sailors and/or spouses and on Friday we spent the evening entertaining them with songs and slick guitar moves (!!). It’s a minor thing in the great scheme but they gave us twenty quid each at the end which was unexpected and thus constituted my first ever paid gig as a guitar player. Will there ever be another?

Anyway the key point is that Brian had told them about Pompey Pop and one woman had a copy of that Theatre Royal booklet “Here Come the 60s”. She showed it to some of her pals and at the end one man came over and started reminiscing about Hillside Youth Club and Ernie Littlefield. He said that if they didn’t like the group they told Ernie and then told the group to “get off” so the DJ could play instead (bet you’re loving this Mr C?) but he said the “best group of all were the Classics” and did I know about them? So I pointed to their photo on the cover of the booklet which delighted him – and he was intrigued to hear what happened to them subsequently.



Mick asks who were the Denny Bernard Combo? (nb the geezers are a darts team and he can name them if you wish)


Phil Haines sent this ‘obit’ of a Petersfield character “Gibbo” who may have been involved in promoting with Rikki Farr. It’s news to me but maybe someone out there knows something?

Keith 'Gibbo'

Chris (‘Fossy’) sends this photo of a local 1970s band. Anyone know the name? The guitarist is Colin Dowsett who was a nice blues player but these guys were a covers band (Abba and stuff)

Colin Dowsett covers band

Sorry, got this wrong on first posting. There was info that I failed to spot:

“For your information, folks, this was a band called Neon Park (!) which was a sort of pop/ soft rock/country outfit. I am in regular correspondence with Phil Roberts, rhythm guitarist and singer (the guy at extreme right in back row) who met Linda -the dark haired girl singer -at that time. they are still married with grandkids and still play music. Phil and Derek (the guy standing to my left in the photo) are still mates and play together”