Going Out?

I used to in the old days

These from Dave Mussell and many thanks. First up, the cream of the local scene mid-1960s supporting a couple of local stars for the College of Technology, even before its days as a ‘Poly’:


Next up, another top local band, plus the Action second on the bill??? That’s ‘pop’ for you:


And now back to Manor Court:






Just the Ticket

Mick found these

M Court

I was chatting to Ron last week about whether the (UK) Amboy Dukes played the Birdcage with Little Richard – here they are playing with me and my mates! I remember it – I think we played in the corner of the big hall with them on the stage. Anyone know about the Groovy Kind?

Rendezvous 1962

I’ve got one of these but it’s green and 1964/5 and it doesn’t specify Southsea because by then the club had moved to the Oddfellows. This one is back in the days of traditional jazz and beatniks – I wonder if it was still at Ashburton Road? I suspect it was the Dockyard Club by then. It’s interesting that out there somewhere still is a clean, blank copy.


Charlotte Street Special

Does that famous DJ know?

Graham Laker spotted these on the backs of late 1960s Pompey programmes (back then they were in Div Two, and now they’re in Div One, so that’s an improvement huh?*) – Lenny’s always been fond of Ruby in Pompey you know.

*50 years ago today Pompey 3 Huddersfield 1 (Pointer, Hiron, McCann – 17,647 there).

Tricorn 001Tricorn 1 001Tricorn 2 001.jpg

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Procul ???

Someone has noted my spelling of Procul Harun on the Birdcage list. It’s how Rikki billed them:


And I believe it should have been the way their name was spelled until it came out with M on the record – can anyone confirm that?

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Birdcage dates

For some time, I’ve been working on an updated list based on various sources, including the original list circulated around Pompey. I think I’ve gone as far as I can for now.

It’s a Word document and if you’d like a copy, drop me an email


PS I sent a handful out this morning and eagle-eyed Mick has spotted two date errors, so if you have one already please change to

Friday 3 December 1965

Saturday 2 July 1966

Apologies – please let me know anything else. Anyone receiving one after 4.30pm today will have the corrected version


“Beat Girl”

12.20am tonight (that’s actually Weds morning of course) the movie starring Adam Faith is on Talking Pictures TV – a favourite channel of mine and Mr Laker’s:


And here’s a cracking set of adverts from Graham – ah, those innocently ‘gay’ days!

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