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Wake Up! Action!

Is anyone out there? Here’s one for all the Birdcage boys & girls

It’s a new, pretty well complete CD Box Set of the Action (thanks to Fred Vintner). Side three is new to me I think:

The Action001

The Action003 (1)


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The Live Five!

If you have access to ‘Talking Pictures’ TV then at 8.45 pm this evening they’re showing Laurence Harvey & Cliff Richard in Expresso Bongo. If you don’t blink, there is a very brief scene in a recording stdio featuring a guitar-based group who came from Pompey. They were originally the Mick Glover Group but when he went off to do National Service they renamed themselves The Live Five. Some people still recall with great fondness their Saturday morning gigs at the LDB, corner of Arundel Street (Debenhams now).

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John Clark RIP

I’m sorry to report that John has died – the news is on the Facebook site from his pal and former drummer terry Threadingham – they played together in Coconut Mushroom. John was also in Morgan’s Camel Train with Mick Legg and worked at one time in a guitar company – Burns I think. Here he is, second from the right in the Mushroom circa 1967:

Mushroom 3

(L-R Terry, Colin, Roger, John, Graham)

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Girls, Girls, Girls!

Fender has released new research which reckons that 50% of new guitar players in both the US and the UK are women. This matches a trend which first appeared in research conducted in the US in 2015 which caused the guitar maker to re-evaluate its advertising.

“The fact that 50% of new guitar buyers in the UK were women was a surprise to the UK team, but it’s identical to what’s happening in the US”, said Fender CEO Andy Mooney:


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Here’s Mick

He’s asked me post this – glad you’re getting better mate

“It has been a strange and very sad few days for me. Missing Don’s
funeral in particular. I had booked a five day holiday on the IOW from
7th to 13th October, then hearing the funeral date hastily rearranged
the holiday for the week before, getting back home on the Friday and in
time.  Went to bed on Saturday with minor ache and thought little of it
but at two am was awake with severe tummy pain. Triple 9 was called and
at 4am the ambulance arrived and took me to QA. X-rays and a CT scan was
done and it was decided my appendix was to blame. 3am on Monday the 8th
I was wheeled into the theatre sang a few songs did some tap dancing and
then they removed my un-needed bit, appendix that is. The food was a
little ??? perhaps it was me? but the doctors nurses and other staff
were magnificent. Ron Hughes popped in to see me after the funeral and on
Tuesday I got home at 6.30pm. Today recovering still and Nigel Baker
called for a chat. Hope to soon be back on the music scene. Many thanks
to all for your kind messages. So for my dear friend Don Golding,…rest
in eternal peace, for Pompey? PUP !!! and everyone else ‘Keep on rockin’
Cheers M”


Saying Goodbye

Today there was a congregation of Pompey musicians of a certain vintage to say our last goodbyes to guitarist Don Golding – here’s Don, mid-1960s, seated right at the front with the Rampant – I’d like to tell you that all his band-mates were there today, but sadly Mick Cooper far right was not. We learned from bass guitarist Nigel Baker that Mick was taken in to QA yesterday, had his appendix removed and is now recovering. Get well soon Mick.


Other ‘musos’ in attendance included members of Don’s other local bands, such as the Renegades, Dynamos, Four-Tunes, and Boyfriends – by name Marc Tuddenham, Colin Wood ‘Danny Raven’, Peter Richardson, Paul Moorhead, Alf Pink, the Hughes brothers, and the Cadillacs drummer Bryan Hatchard, who is perhaps the first of us to reach 80 and looks very well on it. If I forgot/missed anyone, my apologies.