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Dave Diaper – living the dream

I’ve just heard from Mick that Dave has died at the age of 72. He was one of Gosport’s (real) Brothers Scarlett who had lots of success locally in the 1960s and I know he and the brothers enjoyed all the Pompey Pop/Guildhall PME initiatives. Our sympathy to all the families of the ‘boys’ and thanks for bringing fun & music to people’s lives

Bros Sc 1960

Starting off at home – one of those absolutely perfect pix

Bros Sc Winners.jpg

Winners in a Talent Show at the Savoy

Bros Sc Savoy

Backstage at the Savoy with their singing duo Gary & Lee – and a bunch of Gonks


Talking of Pete Cross

We’re always doing that aren’t we?

So there I am, emailing a chap over Eastleigh way about a cricket book, which his mate can deliver to me and he says:

“Yes Dave.  I should see him on Friday at our Trivia night at the Club (Hosted by Pete Cross, who I’m sure you know).”

I denied everything

(Getting trivial in old age then Pete? We thought you’d retired)

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Talking of the Yardbirds

Pete sent in some stuff about the Stones (and others). He tells me he’s just got his old programmes back and he’s been scanning. Anybody go? I think my sister went but I didn’t, in fact, having seen the two Beatles shows at the Guildhall in 1963, I don’t think I ever saw another pop package show, although I did go to some jazz, blues, folk stuff. I guess the Steam Packet guys sang one song each!

Stones Prog 64


There Again

When I wrote that stuff below about Keith Relf (which I stick by) and Mick O’Neil, it was based on my memory of something I heard once, on a live TV show 50 + years ago

Now I’ve found a recording, I’m not so sure! O’Neil did sing with them but it’s a bit ordinary – rather like the Blow-Up sequence it’s typical Yardbirds R&B; an instrumental group, with a bit of singing interrupting now-and-then. I reckon perhaps they improved a bit with those pop/psych singles? Mind you they were booked for the Birdcage and never came, so sod’ em.

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More Blowing Up

JR – despite preferring Zabriskie (does he have a point?) has sent this clip of the Yardbirds Ricky Tick sequence (ta). The choreographing of the audience is typical of the movie which you might like or not. The ‘bird’ dancing is Janet Street Porter, and the singer Keith Relf is, I’ve always thought, the worst of all the British R&B vocalists – thin whiny voice. He got sick sometime mid-1960s and Mick O’Neil (I believe – and possibly a Gladiator?) stood in. I remember seeing them on TV and he was much better.


Final Thought

If there is a finer verse in the whole history of rock & roll music I’ve not heard it

“Milo de Venus was a beautiful lass
She had the world in the palm of her hand
But she lost both her arms in a wrestling match
To get a brown eyed handsome man
She fought and won herself a brown eyed handsome man”.