Back We Go

TUXEDO JUNCTION are performing for the annual D-Day celebrations over at the Golden Lion in Southwick, this coming Saturday June 8th.
It’s an outside event but with plenty of cover. In the afternoon will be music from Amy Baker, TJ follow from approx 3pm until 5.30pm with a break.
In the evening will be the Maury Dean Big Band. There’s lots to see, eat, drink and you have the option to dress in appropriate wartime attire. Some of them really go to town but it’s not essential.
(Doesn’t Rod always dress like that?)



Are these guys with a young Geoff McKeon? Anyone know?



Early Finish

In July

Wed 6th July                     Mixed group at Pedrian Jazz Club with some of S.C. L. Band.

Thurs 7th July                   Ballads and Blues Club. Couple of good guitarists featured.

Mon 11th July                   Had a blow with Frank and Paul (banjo) also played washboard.

Wed 13th July                   Summa Cum Laude band at Pedrian club. Played very well.

Thurs 14th July                 ‘Ballads and Blues’ club with Frank playing piano, boogie style.

Wed 20th July                    ‘Le Vieux Carre’ back at the ‘Star’ in a good session. Ted Owen clarinet, Kenny Robinson guested.