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Nobby Glover

Funeral at Portchester Crem Monday 5 March 1.45pm. More info on Facebook – Wake details to follow




I’m not looking to abandon this site but it’s much quieter these days and I’ve started to post more stuff on the Pompey Pop Facebook site which is far more interactive and gets lots of responses.

So, as the Blog approaches its 8th birthday, what do people think about that (nothing on here from me since Saturday)? I could simply post the same thing on both sites each time?


Me and My Mate Tony

Do you (still) listen to “Sound of the Sixties” on Radio Two? I do quite often, although never live, now it starts at 6am. Tony Blackburn is still a complete donut but he does have pretty good taste in soul and Tamla. This morning the bloke that does a couple of tracks with him (Phil the Collector) played Led Zeppelin’s “Bring It On Home” which in its original form was by one of my all-time favourites Sonny Boy Williamson II (written by Willie Dixon). Today it was part of a feature about acts who get caught out pinching other people’s songs which Led Zep did more than once. Anyway Tony Blackburn played the track and made it quite clear how much he didn’t like it.

I’m with you Tony. To quote Howlin Wolf from around that time (in Rolling Stone I think) “it’s dogshit” (and some). I must confess I’ve never got their appeal, but boy I’d forgotten how truly awful that particular track is – here’s the proper version:


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What a Scandal!

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, it featured jazz and was called the Cellar Club. Then from the mid 1960s it was the Indigo Vat which is how many of us remember it, as fans or performers. In recent years, the nightclub downstairs in Hampshire Terrace was known as Scandals – now it’s called NEXA, but there won’t be much music, because it’s an Estate Agents. BOO!BROTHER BUNG @ INDIGO VAT 2

Longtime bluesman Bob Pearce (right) with Brother Bung, back in the 1960s

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More of Nobby

I found this – the Heavenly twins at a reunion night party at the Cellars a few years back

Mick C & Nobby

And here’s on from Ron (cheers), taken at the Robin Hood Rowlands Castle about a year ago. Look closely and you can see that Nobby is struggling by then – but not enough to stop him gigging! This is Vinyl Tap, with Nigel hiding behind Alan Christmas.

Nobby 2



‘Nobby’ Glover RIP

I’m very sorry to report that drummer ‘Nobby’ Glover has died after being ill for some time, despite which he was still playing until the end of last year. He was a lovely bloke who in recent years, played with Vinyl Tap, and the Shadders. back in the 1960s, he was in the Universal Trash Band, and both versions of Heaven. Here he is with them Mark 1 – one of the finest Pompey bands

Here is, smiling out front during the recording of the first Heaven’s (unreleased) album, in London and below, third from left (profile) on the beach, by the Hotwalls:

Heaven Southern Sounds


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And another

1966 Version Three, with Bernie Morley, at Kimbells

B&S-MkIII - Kimbells 1966

There aren’t many bands that never change personnel. The Beatles if you don’t count Pete Best/Ringo but not many – locally, I think Simon Dupree & the Big Sound didn’t change until Gentle Giant. In 50 years, I’ve only once played in a band that never changed, and that was Rosemary in 1969/70

Any others out there? I think Mick’s version of Heaven stayed the same throughout but then Rikki Farr got his hands on them. Coconut Mushroom had loads of versions – I think singer Colin Carter was the only permanent member.