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GIGS (etc)

Sunday May 21st, TUXEDO JUNCTION 2-5pm, Bar 69 in Palmerston Road, Southsea. If the sun is shining, the doors will be open which all adds to the fun.
Monday 22nd Dave on Express FM ‘Summer of Love’ 8-10pm
Tuesday 23rd SOUTHSEA SKIFFLE ORCHESTRA 12 midday-1pm, Guildhall upstairs (Free)
Friday 26th, TUXEDO JUNCTION at the Auckland in Netley Road, Southsea. 8.30ish-11pm.
PS Autumn of Love has gone to the printers (Friday afternoon)


Take Five

I’m on Express FM, next Monday from 8-10pm, talking about the Summer of Love (’67). It’s their regular rock show so I’m chatting to the two presenters who asked me to bring in tracks to play –  they said pick five. I guess they might play some as well.

I’ll do that, and take a spare track or two in case, but I haven’t finalised my choice yet. Anyone out there got any suggestions (I’ll keep my thoughts secret for now)? You can pick Englebert if you wish …



I’ve been mentioning my new book from time-to-time


I made good progress with the publisher, ahead of schedule, but the files have been with the printer for some weeks now with no sign of the final proof. I was promised at the start of last week (already late), then the end of the week, now we’re in ‘next week’, and no sign.

I’m still on schedule for the launch at the Guildhall on 20 June but I will confess to a growing anxiety.



Games for May

Ah, you thought a Party Political Broadcast – but no

I’m talking about 1967 and the Pink Floyd’s event of that name, 50 years ago tonight at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank – a title that got into the song lyrics of “See Emily Play’ of course. On Saturday night the Floyd appeared on BBC2s “Look of the Week”.

While Georgie Fame brought his wonderful Blues Flames to the Birdcage for the last time, this was one seriously psychedelic weekend back in 1967. On record one of the greatest psychedelic albums was released by Country Joe & the Fish, Electric Music for the Mind & Body

LP Electric Music CJ&F

Also, Tomorrow released “My White Bicycle”, Jimi Hendrix the album Are You Experienced and Scott McKenzie his dodgy ‘Frisco song. The Beatles recorded “Baby You’re A Rich man” with Mick Jagger singing along, in the week that he and Keith Richards were charged with possession and Brian Jones was busted. Cream flew to the USA to finish recording Disraeli Gears and on Tuesday the Rolling Stones would begin recording Their Satanic Majesties Request. Procul Harum appeared at UFO, and next week in 1967, released “Whiter Shade of Pale”.




Maybe they’re in a band?

From today’s local paper

“PEOPLE are being urged to report youths breaking into a derelict building. The casino on Osborne Road in Southsea is empty and police have had reports of young people breaking in. A spokesman said: ‘If you see this happening please report it to 101 as the building is in a dangerous state.’ ”

That Casino was of course Kimbells Ballroom, once upon a time

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Hippies Everywhere

I did warn you.

Apparently Mojo has gone Sgt Pepper bonkers this month, and rather less probably, I opened my weekly copy of the Cricket Paper this morning to find


(The article is OK – the headline a fair load of bollocks)

Meanwhile thanks to Sean Cullen for these two links. The second one anticipates the new Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A while the first is yet another article by a journalist/ cultural commentator telling YOU that even if you think you experienced any aspects of the Summer of Love/Psychedelic ‘Revolution’ you’re wrong. Unless you lived in Chelsea in the late 60s, you’re life was generally dull and you’re pop favourite was Englebert – OK?