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Annual Reunion 2017

Some of Pompey’s original rock & rollers, including members of the Cadillacs, Danny Raven & the Renegades, the Dynamos, the J Crow Combo etc are holding their annual pre-Christmas reunion:

Star & Garter (Copnor/Burfields Road)

Wednesday 13 December from 8pm

You’re invited …



The Final Episode

OK, time for me to shut up about shopping … although there’s always “Shopping For Clothes” by the Coasters, “Shop Around” by the Miracles, BB King’s “I’ve Got a Mind to Give Up Living (and go Shopping Instead)”, Chuck Berry’s “No Money Down” … more?

So here’s the FINAL EPISODE


Cheers Mick! Very fine.


Little Things

No, not Dave Berry, just the thought that it’s often the little things that reveal so much about the wider world – and more shopping news follows.

My local Co-op opposite the Cathedral is crap, sells very little, but in particular it’s often impossible for me to buy my Guardian there after about 10am. They’ll still have piles of the Daily Crap, the Daily Bollocks and all the other purveyors of the establishment’s interests, but not my paper – and if you think that’s political, they’ve always got a copy of the Daily Worker! They’re just hopeless, and having told them so more than once I’ve given up on them.

So this morning around 9am I walked to Tesco Express in Gunwharf. Tesco’s yeah? The ordinary bloke’s shop huh? I really like their fresh bread, so I get there today and discover that the firm that provides the bread has gone bankrupt, so there wasn’t any, and there won’t be any. OK, I’ll get my Guardian, which on Saturday’s is my favourite because of their books/arts review. But the papers haven’t been sorted, so I ask a young woman who’s there sorting out the Daily Crap, the Bum and others and she asks which paper I want. I tell her the Guardian and she looks at me like I’ve forgotten to wear my trousers. “Sorry?”, “the Guardian”  she just looks bewildered so I give up and walk round the corner to Gunwharf News.

OK – now guess what Gunwharf News sells. I’ll tell you what it doesn’t sell, today at least, and that’s newspapers. Now I shouldn’t really be surprised, after all you try to buy anything useful in Gunwharf – the last time I went to their Levis shop, and asked about their 501s, I learned their franchise agreement doesn’t allow their sale there. So, the ONLY Levis shop ever in Pompey, can’t sell their iconic brand. Tesco’s doesn’t sell bread, Gunwharf News doesn’t sell newspapers.

Like I said, the little things often reveal a lot. The country is fucked – Brexit should be fun.

I’m off to Waitrose of course.


Harold Pendleton RIP

I’ve only just spotted an obituary for him although he died a couple of months ago. He was the man who, with Chris Barber started and sustained the legendary Marquee Club (from 1958), he organised the recording session at which Lonnie Donegan recorded “Rock Island Line”, he ran the early jazz festivals in Beaulieu for his Lordship, and then in the early 1960s, kicked off the Richmond and Windsor Jazz & Blues Festivals.

I went to the 1967 one at Windsor and on my first day at a Festival I saw (among others) Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Peter Green, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn and Mick Taylor – and that’s just the guitar players! The festival moved to Reading and survives to this day every August Bank Holiday.


Pete Cross

Never knowingly undersold!


“PORRIDGE 69p  a packet from Farm Fresh (beat that Waitrose) with crumbled nuts, cranberries, linseed oil with Milk in the microwave –very tasty very nice – the secret of my youthful looks revealed.
Want to borrow a couple of bob to buy your next pack of Porage from  Waitrose Rodders??”