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I Just Got Back

Not from the Chicken Shack but from the Guildhall – saw Massive Attack. I thought it was not merely massive but magnificent – best thing I’ve seen there since Bob Dylan and just as impressive in an entirely different way.


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Another one grounded

JR has alerted me to the death of Signe Andersen the original woman singer in Jefferson Airplane, oddly on the same day as Paul Kantner. There are a few recordings of her including a song I’ve sung many times over many years, Memphis Minnie’s “Me and My Chauffeur Blues”.



Paul Kantner RIP

Albie has alerted me to the death this week of Paul Kantner one of the founding members of Jefferson Airplane. Back in the lovely days of Rosemary they were such an important influence (along with the other ‘Frisco bands) and they made such wonderful music than even one of our favourite Blog Hippy sceptics apparently has one of their tracks as his ‘phone tone. I’ve always believed that to check whether you like the real psychedelia (forget the gnomes and pixies) you can’t go wrong with the two sides of the Airplane album After Bathing at Baxters. It’s a litmus test

I could write reams about the Airplane, SF etc – the whole business occupies a magical place in my life – but I’m going to attach one track by the Airplane’s successors Jefferson Starship with a Pompey Pop story. In truth I didn’t much like where Starship went in the 1970s – too much of rock band for my liking – but back towards the end of 1970 I was doing a gig at the Tricorn in Gilbey Twiss, almost certainly a Cromat gig supporting perhaps Dada (?).  I went straight from work (on the seafront) got there early and met the guest DJ for the night, Jeff Dexter – ex-London mod and one of the IOW Festival guys.

He hadn’t eaten so I took him off somewhere (Tricorn? 1970? Tuesday around 5pm? hmm) and we shared a bit of this-and-that. We played our set and then I recall Jeff playing this track (although actually the full works) and me listening with significantly enhanced aural perception. It’s from what I believe was the first Starship album Blows Against the Empire. I was already ‘spaced out’ but this track took me further and it’s one of those tracks indelibly imprinted on what’s left of my brain.

I met Jeff Dexter last year at the launch of Smiler’s Mod book and told him the story. He had a vague memory of it all …

Here goes then – have you seen the stars?


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Double bass


We’re at The Fountain, Rowlands Castle this Friday for the first Gig of the year and hope to see you there. We kick off at around 8:30.
However, Nigel Baker, our lovely Bass Player has lost the plot and double-booked himself for this Friday! Fortunately, Mick McGuigan is able to stand in, having already learnt a lot of our numbers for a bash he did with us last year!
We’re also playing the Chairmakers, Denmead, on the following Friday, 5th February!


Trevor Williams

Many thanks to that Classic ‘big sounding’ drummer Tony Ransley for sending this (and apologies for the delay in posting it)

Recently a guy (it was Ian Ellwood) wanted to know about Trevor Williams, who recently died. I sent him a story, but don’t know if he got it. (Are you there Ian?)
Would you kindly ask him if you are in contact (I’m not Tony but will see what I can do) I will re-tell if needed.
1st photo: Trevor and myself waiting for our girlfriends. In the 50’s
2nd photo: Trevor Williams, John Randall and Dave Loney when we were in “The  Boppers”
3rd photo: and Trevor on the drums when they became “The Hunters”.
Trevor Williams0001Trevor Williams0002Trevor Williams0003


And more …

Jazzy Times that is

I’m not sure how many people know about the Guildhall’s ‘Live Lounge’ programme but it’s about to kick off again with some VERY INTERESTING artists. In each case you can buy a straight ticket for an 8pm show or come for dinner at 7pm and what is particularly interesting for me is that they feature some really fine singers:

THURSDAY 11 February £13 for the show or £23 with Dinner featuring jazz vocalist IAN SHAW who, among other things has recorded a number of Joni Mitchell songs (album Drawn to All Things). Here’s a sample:



JUDIE TZUKE Thursday 18 February

BARB JUNGR Tuesday 5 April

TERRY REID Thursday 26 May