Apostrophes? Numbers are even better


I was delighted that my sister got the detailed explanation for H’all’o’w”e’n – it’s in the DNA you see. We had an aunt once who went from being the impoverished oldest daughter of a north country coal miner (Loretta Lynn style) to one of the first people (1920s) to win a scholarship from her bit of the world to London University. She was a history teacher but she loved numbers and was delighted in the 1950s when she found a house to buy in Petersfield that was number 189

Why? you may ask. Because 189 is divisible by three, making 63 which is divisible by three, making 21, which is divisible by three, making (which isn’t, because it’s a prime number)

Now my sister and I grew up mainly in a house which was number 138 which is divisible by two and then by three but that is less interesting really

Except that as you know I’m very struck with coincidences. So while I am unlikely to shell out any dosh on the recent releases in the (apparently) new genre known as ‘Dad Rock’ by let’s say Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Donovan, Neil Young, the Who, Queen, Genesis etc etc, one old bloke has a new album on the way with precisely 138 tracks on it. I take this as a sign.

I gather it’s about £100 for the CD box set or about £75 for the vinyl and it’s out next week – that’s in time for JR’s Christmas present. He will of course already have seven bootleg versions of this bootleg and he will buy the official bootleg before Christmas but for Christmas he will get the limited edition North Korean import version.

Didn’t I say?



I Never Knew – I Always Thought

I’m working on new displays for the Guildhall Room in the AAA Guildhall display. I’ve done the Stones, British Blues, Pink Floyd and Marc Bolan with more to come I never knew that Marc Feld took his stage name from an amalgamation of Bob and Dylan I’ve never had a stage name (unlike say Danny Raven). I could have Marc’s leftovers and call myself Byd or Dyb or (Welsh version) Ybd – what do you reckon? PLUS I ALWAYS thought that John’s Children played the Birdcage and then wondered whether Marc appeared with them but now I can’t find any mention of them in THE list. SO – anyone remember John’s Children in Pompey? Kimbells maybe? Marc maybe?


Two Guildhall Questions

Does anyone out there know whether ERIC CLAPTON ever played at the Guildhall. I don’t think he did but I’m not sure – although I am pretty sure that in the 1960s with Yardbirds/Mayall/Cream the answer is no

Around 1980 I went to an amazing show at the Guildhall with new acts I’d never heard of (a pal took me). I’m pretty sure it was all three of MADNESS, SPECIALS, SELECTER Could that be right? Anyone know more?


Hallowe’en Hit List (for Oscar)

Oscar is a Hallowe’en* baby so to celebrate his birthday we have 24 hours to put together a hit list of suitable tunes – and knowing Oscar as we do we have to think he’d like what we pick. Here’s one:

* Can anyone figure the spelling? It’s either Halloween, modern with no apostrophes or Hallowe’en with what looks to me like too few apostrophes. I’m keen on apostrophes.