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TV Day (2)

South Today (BBC) last night saluting 60 years of the Concorde Club including footage of

MMann Concorde Club.jpg

MANFRED MANN (Hugg, Jones, Vickers) and

Rod Stewart




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TV Day (1)

Keith Dolan, Pompey man-about-town in those swinging sixties (can you spot him anywhere in Pompey Pop Pix?) and on TV last week – spotted and snapped by Graham Laker, sent forward by Mr Tench (cheers!). He is here in the funeral procession for Bernie Katz, of the Groucho Club:

2017-09-22 23.50.35.jpg


More Sad Shed Stories

From Nick Drake:

Well there was a man, Lived in a shed
Spent most of his days out of his head
For his shed was rotten let in the rain
Said it was enough to drive any man insane
When it rained, He felt so bad
When it snowed he felt just simply sad

And from Phil Freeman: The demolition of a greatly loved Shed, chez Freeman


As Phil says “A man needs his shed”



Last Night

Lovely night at the Guildhall and thanks to everyone who came


My buddy Denis Reeve-Baker (left) came out to celebrate his birthday with Mrs R-B and Alan Roblin. Alan and I have known each other since the late 60s but only discovered last night, we share the same birthday.

It was a lovely night and my good pal Mr Tench alerted me to the Guildhall parking restrictions but I didn’t twig, so, having spent hundreds of pounds and hundreds of hours on the show, I walked out to find a parking fine, because despite buying a ticket I’d parked on the wrong side of an almost empty road.

So kind.