Mick’s Quiztime

Mick's Question

Mick found this on Facebook, accompanied by these questions:

a) Where is this?

b) What is going on?

c) What year was this?

It may be a hint to some of you that I knew (a) right away because I spent many happy evenings there over some decades. Many of you may have frequented it regularly in the 1960s.

In addition, I was pretty sure about (b) and guessed approximately at (c) from general appearances and ages and more particularly from the figure of the big guy standing to the right of the door frame. He was a Pompey character on a particular local music scene and died earlier this year. Lots of blokes but  I think JR and I know the dark haired, seated woman under the door frame … is it her?



On the Radio

We had a summer break but the ‘arty’ radio talk show I participate in is back tonight, 7pm on Express FM. It includes a chat about the Guildhall exhibition and my enthusiastic recommendation of the Paolozzi show at the Pallant Gallery in Chichester – it’s only on for a couple more weeks but if you like that kind of thing (Oscar? Mr Mook? …) it’s a very comprehensive show with some exciting stuff in it.



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Book Fest & “Pompey Pop Pix”

The Portsmouth Book Fest 2013 starts on Saturday 19 October. There are brochures all over town – most obviously in the libraries and a website at


The Box Office is 023 9268 8037

(and that info comes with a special apology to ‘Boyfriend’ Paul who emailed me and got no reply – sorry Paul)

I’m doing a Pompey Pop talk at the Eastney Cellars on 23 October – I hope it will be fairly informal with lots of chances to share memories and ideas. The tickets are £4 although I hasten to add this is not to cover my huge appearance fee!. I shall have with me the very last box of Pompey Pop Pix – 24 in a box and I’ve got a couple more loose, apart from which they have all gone I think (there may be a couple in Blackwell’s/Southsea Gallery). They will be £10 on the night.

To have sold out in less than two years is great and a chunk of the money made went towards the Guildhall display so the timing was perfect. The Pompey Pop account also pays the annual fee for the website (which does need updating) and other bits & pieces so my thanks for all the support. As I have always said we won’t reprint it, so soon it’ll be a good time to start sticking them on Ebay – especially the unsigned ones!!

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Tommy – can you hear me?

2014 will be the 40th anniversary of the filming of Tommy in Pompey and Mick tells us

“The local am dram company called CCADS (Corpus Christri Am Dram Soc) are putting on a live show of “Tommy” at the Kings. Not sure of the dates, probably sometime in the spring, but it will be good. Last year they did “War of the Worlds” at the Kings and I saw it every night!”


On the shelf – Soul Society



Mark II I think (?) but still quite early days

Phil tells us:

“Fantastic pics from Stewart Ward,(found in his attic apparently)….long gone pub in Kingston Crescent I am told…..Buggered if I can remember…… John Davis / Stewart Ward / Mick Cooper / Kenny Hill (on the fireplace) / Graham Parker / Doug Chalmers (he who drove a Renault Dauphine)…oh and me and me Selmer…….                                                 Those days are gone forever……….or are they???”

Well I am wondering whether they are Phil, talking of you and your Selmer and a recent purchase …