Caption Competition


(pic thanks to Mick Cooper)

First Prize: Ticket of your choice, Olympics 2020

Second Prize: Souvenir Programme from King’s Pompey Pop night

Third Prize: Two Souvenir Programmes from King’s Pompey Pop night



OK – I give in!


Mr Mook’s enjoying it and Fury Pete W from USA sent this pic and remarkable story: “The young lady leading in the Japanese Team is my wife’s, sisters, granddaughter. She lives on Hayling Island and has just graduated university in London.”

See Pompey Pop gets everywhere!

And Pete reminded me about Olympic Studios which is where Harlem Speakeasy recorded our 1968 single “Aretha” – one of the great moments in my life

More Olympics in four years – (just back from an incredible finish in the cricket)


Pompey Pop ‘Admin’ Week?

I’ve identified this Blog as an Olympic-free zone but I get the feeling everyone else is glued to the TV – the viewing figures for the Blog yesterday were the record lowest so no Gold Medals here.

OK I surrender – for a couple of days I’m going to ignore the exciting stuff and post about the current situation with the Book, the King’s money and plans for how Pompey Pop and the Blog might develop. This is part one:

Pompey Pop. I established an account last year which ‘owes’ me the money I invested in the book. I’m gradually paying myself back with sales money and once broken even, I have some plans for any surplus – not least because I’m treating this as a hobby. I’m not interested in getting into complex tax issues!

Pompey Pop Pix: I have just over 200 copies still at home and with the review/complementary copies that means around 750 have been sold or are still out there. I’ve been paid for about 650 so far which means I’ve just about broken even, as they cost around £6 each for the 1000 copies and there have been other expenses (postage, packing etc). In the next couple of days I’m going to tell you about my plans for any surplus if and when the last 200 sell. I’m delighted with the sales although they are now very slow.

King’s Theatre: I have used that Pompey Pop account to pay the performers and send a cheque to Rowan’s Hospice (gratefully received). However I’ve yet to see any settlement money from the King’s so I can’t be entirely clear what the final figures are although we did make a surplus and lost money only on the Programmes (incidentally I still have some if anyone is interested).

That’s it then – tomorrow, ideas about where to go next with all of this. Do enjoy the diving and beach volleyball, I’m off to the cricket


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Saturday Night

I have to admit that last night in MIlton exceeded my expectations by some distance. I had no idea what to expect really but it was a fine night with four groups and a couple of solo acts and a room so packed that people were listening from the hallway. There was a collection that covered hire costs and over three hours of live music. It reminded me most of the atmosphere in the old Pompey folk clubs of the 1960s – completely unpretentious and great fun. 5 Rod Plot opened proceedings, one of two groups with double bass and versions of trad English songs plus American tunes like “Rain & Snow” and “Shady Grove”. Next up the Jelly Rollers with blues harp and jews harp and some nice songs by Louis Jordan, Sister Rosetta Tharpe etc. RP&G did our slimmed down three piece version (Nick was gigging in Southampton) and the night finished with Copnor’s very fine country/bluegrass family Wood, Wire & Words – lovely version of Richard Thompson’s “Vincent Black Shadow”, some originals and a really great sound. I missed the names of the two solo acts as we were getting organised but it was a good night – and Blog regulars spotted in the audience included Mr Cooper and Chris ‘Fossy’. I’m hoping there will be more such nights