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No Summertime Blues!

Ain’t this weather great! If you’re abroad or whatever I should explain that September is ending & October opening with a heatwave in Sunny Southsea.

I’d like to thank people for kind replies about my music studies. I have a one-to-one booked next Thursday which I think may well be just what I need – but I’ll check other things too.

Now – two comments about the book. I reckon we need to sell between 600-700 to cover all costs and we’re printing 1000 so IF (no assumptions, but IF) things go well there will be a bit of dosh over and I have a couple of ideas:

1. As promised I’m responding to Mick’s thought about a trip to the Flamingo reunion. Saving a journey,  I reckon we might replicate such an event in Pompey, booking one of those classic 60s club bands (Dowliners Sect?) and reforming a local supergroup (I’m thinking Dynamos/J Crow/Strollers or whatever) to appear with them. We could use the extra money to book the gig (JR will help I’m sure – maybe at the Dockyard Club?) and IF POSSIBLE I’d love to charge five bob to get in and call it the Pompey Pop RENDEZVOUS!! We’ll see …

2. You’ll be used to my love of cricket. There’s a Pompey company developing a version for the kids called Cage Cricket. Ian Botham is ‘on board’ and they are looking to set up facilities at local schools and on the seafront. I’d love a Pompey Pop sponsored version especially as I’m very keen to do something for Pompey teenagers who are these days the same age we were back in the golden days.

Let me know what you think, buy an ice cream and slap on the suncream! – Dave

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TV Blues

I’m back on the telly tonight (that is the computer screen via Portsmouth Live TV) with Pompey’s ‘Mr Blues’ Andy Broad. Live at 5 and then on their archive.

Sadly the show’s days are numbered as the station is being re-vamped. Still we have some good stuff there on the archive!

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When were the 60s?

Here’s an interesting little message from Geoff French – given the FZ reference I expect a full and frank disclosure from Jimmy the Mook. Geoff says

“I was listening to an interview with Frank Zappa’s ex-secretary (a very straight English lady would you believe) on the BBC world service and she observed “if one lived in the provinces the 1960s didn’t really arrive till the 1970s”.


I went searching for this and found a report – it was actually the suburbs so I couldn’t possibly comment .. Here’s an extract

Frank Zappa’s image may have suggested he was one of the wild men of rock but a new memoir by his assistant Pauline Butcher paints quite a different picture of the American musician, who died in 1993.

When in 1967 Pauline Butcher met Frank Zappa in London she didn’t even know who he was. But she spent much of the next five years working for him in California and got to observe the rock-star lifestyle at first hand. In the summer of 1967 Butcher was living with her family in the London suburbs and working in a secretarial agency in town.

The year may trigger images of swinging, psychedelic London but Butcher says life in her early 20s was nothing like that. “I wasn’t a 1960s Dolly Bird at all. I lived in Twickenham with my parents and my sisters – and our parents were very strict. I knew people in swinging London but I was on the fringes of it. The 60s didn’t really hit the suburbs until the 70s: people were still very prim.”

PPS Jimmy the Mook wasn’t “very prim” in the 60s. Twickenham? Hah! Try  Eastney, honey ….



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Super Thursday


“SUPER THURSDAY” is the name given to today by the publishing industry because they launch all their big BIG titles prior to Christmas (feels more like mid-summer in Pompey this morning!)

So in anticipation of our launch which is just a few weeks away here’s more info about

Dave & Mick’s POMPEY POP PIX

Launch is planned for the weekend of 12/13 November: Saturday night at a gig with Danny Raven & the Renegades at Waverley Bowling Club Southsea. You’ll need a ticket to get in but there will be Pix and Licks all night long! On Sunday lunchtime I’ll also be taking copies to the (free) gig with my band Reet Petite & Gone at the RMA Eastney (opposite the Cellars/RM Barracks)

On the following Friday there will be a bit of a ‘do’ at Blackwell’s University Bookshop (Cambridge Road) as well from around 3.30pm

Otherwise you can get the book at Blackwells, the City Museum shop (Museum Road) and the Southsea Gallery in Albert Road (almost opposite the King’s) and that’s probably it, apart from by post via a Paypal we’ll set up on the Website (details to follow)

The RRP is £14.95 but at the launch weekend it’ll be £10 for cash (both days).

More info? The publisher says there are exactly 444 colour & B&W pix and I reckon very few local musicians of note from the 50s and 60s are missing. There are stars too including a Nigel Grundy section from the Pier etc and a few more unseen Rod Stewart in Pompey pix. About 70 pix are posters/tickets, there are folk, jazz, skiffle & dance band sections and well over 200 of pop/beat/rock acts. It’s organised in sections, chronologically with a central colour section and each section has a single page of introductory text but it’s mostly just pictures. I hope you’ll like it


Learning to Play (Help?)

Over the past four weeks I’ve been talking to a College in the region about spending some of my retirement studying music. I was neither averse to nor desperate to study music theory, what I wanted in particular was to spend one/two etc years (part time) developing my reasonable skills as a singer, trying new stuff (especially jazz) and working on my pretty mediocre skills as a guitarist.

I thought the college was the answer but it’s been a poor experience and I’m not going. I won’t reveal the name of the place (but it’s in the region not Pompey) and I don’t wish to discuss the issues further but I’m very disappointed, SO I’m after some advice and I figure this might be the place

I’d like to hear suggestions about how and where an old white ‘blues’ singer with a ponderous guitar style but a deep love of music can study on a regular basis and get better – individually or in a class. I’m prepared to pay and prepared to work (I play my guitar and sing every day). The internet is a good resource but it’s not enough on its own. So send me some ideas please