I’ve figured it out …

In this morning’s T20 game between England v New Zealand, England have finally picked Hampshire’s Danny Briggs and he’s just taken a wicket. In the background not just the star & crescent (see below) but a large Cross of St George with PORTSMOUTH across the horizontal bar.


Because Danny (from the Isle of Wight) is one of the few POMPEY fans in the Hampshire side. So too is the Members’ Chairman (Terry Crump) and the Hon Archivist (guess)

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Who is in the Times?

I guess many of you will not be surprised that I was a Guardian reader all my life – until this year that is. I gave up finally when the Film/Music Review section on Fridays was substantially reduced and – even more significantly – their coverage of County Cricket effectively vanished.

So now I read (cheapskate) and the Times (old fogey). And if you don’t read the Times you might like to know that starting today they are featuring all kinds of stuff about Pete Townshend and the Who – not only that but the ‘paper that used to carry nothing but rows of advertisements on its large front page, now has a front cover entirely of PT in white jump suit (and suitably jumping) with a row of large HiWatt speakers behind him plus: Exclusive: The Who, the Band that Shaped a Generation by Pete Townshend

What would the Colonel say?

(And what would you say? If they were shaping a generation, which generation? Not you note “one of the bands that were … (etc)” but “the band … (etc). So what were the Beatles/Stones/ Hendrix/ Clapton/Dylan/Smokey and Ken Dodd up to?)



A New Rendezvous from the Old Rendezvous

A re-union between Ray Sone (ex harmonica player with The Downliners Sect), Emmett Hennessy, a great folk/blues guitarist, and Ray’s partner when they played the folk clubs, and Terry Clemson (ex lead guitarist with The Downliners Sect) who has had his own 50’s rock ‘n roll band, The TTs, for many years. It took place in Terry’s home on 28 June, 2012.



Some Kind of Angel

Check this


Now you’re in the mood let’s keep it going – Discuss/Debate all/any of these:

1. Dave thinks 21st century Bob gets better with every release – having started out higher than almost everyone (JR would of course consider this faint praise)

2. Dave has a good friend, a fine musician who’s maybe ten years his junior and says of Bob that he doesn’t really get it, adding “you had to be there” (understanding that Dave was)

3. Dave has a new friend maybe half his age who doesn’t think much of Bob. He says Bob doesn’t keep “up-to-date” and prefers Leonard Cohen and Neil Young who do


TV Reviews (Emmett Special)

Two things from last night – both still available on IPlayer

BBC 4 at 9pm “Love & Marriage” about the 1960s included a piece about Feminism and the Counter Culture which used the footage of Emmett Hennessy and Ray Sone  – both of whom appeared at the Rendezvous in 1964 (Ray with Downliners Sect). Emmett is a regular correspondent here and you can track the full extract of the two of them playing in a London pub on You Tube (or indeed on the Archives here)

BBC 2 at 10pm the Beach Boys appeared on Jools Holland’s “Later” show which warned of bad language so cannot have been live*. Anyway, there were about 200 Beach Boys! (Librans are prone to exaggerate). Jools H announced their imminent live gigs in London. Then today, the Independent reports that BB Mike Love (who seems a real prat if not a pleb) has chucked all the other original members out of the band. He’s described in the report as the group’s “frontman”.

Now I have to confess that I never believed in the Beach Boys as a ‘group’. I remember seeing them in the early days ‘live’ on Ready Steady Go where they sounded pretty weak and looked dumb in those striped shirts and crap hairdos. Always thought there was the brilliance of Brian Wilson and his studio stuff and otherwise a pop group who were as dull as they looked and pinched liberally from Chuck Berry and a bunch of cabaret quartets. So I reckon this is b*****ks and if I had a ticket I’d want a refund – what did Mike Love ever do other than go “do do wah” occasionally? Frontman? Bah humbug.

*PS I missed the bad language too – expected it from John Lydon in PIL but heard nothing – I thought they were excellent incidentally