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I’ve figured it out …

In this morning’s T20 game between England v New Zealand, England have finally picked Hampshire’s Danny Briggs and he’s just taken a wicket. In the background not just the star & crescent (see below) but a large Cross of St George with PORTSMOUTH across the horizontal bar.


Because Danny (from the Isle of Wight) is one of the few POMPEY fans in the Hampshire side. So too is the Members’ Chairman (Terry Crump) and the Hon Archivist (guess)

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Who is in the Times?

I guess many of you will not be surprised that I was a Guardian reader all my life – until this year that is. I gave up finally when the Film/Music Review section on Fridays was substantially reduced and – even more significantly – their coverage of County Cricket effectively vanished.

So now I read (cheapskate) and the Times (old fogey). And if you don’t read the Times you might like to know that starting today they are featuring all kinds of stuff about Pete Townshend and the Who – not only that but the ‘paper that used to carry nothing but rows of advertisements on its large front page, now has a front cover entirely of PT in white jump suit (and suitably jumping) with a row of large HiWatt speakers behind him plus: Exclusive: The Who, the Band that Shaped a Generation by Pete Townshend

What would the Colonel say?

(And what would you say? If they were shaping a generation, which generation? Not you note “one of the bands that were … (etc)” but “the band … (etc). So what were the Beatles/Stones/ Hendrix/ Clapton/Dylan/Smokey and Ken Dodd up to?)