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Salesman of the Month


Top left is Trevor Jones, once of Southsea and now Portchester who has done an AMAZING job of persuading people to buy copies of the book and so here we are at the end of November and he’s definitely Salesman of the Month. The pic (from the book) shows Trevor with two Parkas (now known as Limited S) but he’s also in the photo below from John Pounds – but which one might he be?



The Saddest Pic?


A pic to break the heart of Lenny Tench. Nigel Grundy says:

“Walking along the banks of the River Hamble I saw this abandoned Premier bass drum in the reeds. I know when people retire they sometimes call their homes Dunrovin, Dunlovin, Dunworkin etc. but which local musician has dumped his kit and gone home to rename his house Dundrummin?”

(Dave says) It made me wonder if it was a sneaky trick by the the neighbours or even Mrs Drummer (oops sorry, sexist assumption – of course I meant Mr/Mrs/Ms Drummer, partner of the original owner/artiste)

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Media Matters

If you’re interested, I’ll be on Express FM tomorrow morning (Thursday) around 8.15/8.30, talking about the book. It’s the Adrian Knight Show and I think you can hear it live or later if you wish: http://www.expressfm.com/ (93.7 fm)

I’m also talking to the My Area local website tomorrow and hoping they will run an on-line story about the book. I’ll let you know

I’m told that Radio Solent have mentioned the book although I’ve had no response from them. I’m disappointed too that despite a very positive conversation with the News some weeks ago nothing has emerged (yet?). I thought a story there would have helped sales so I’ll keep hoping.

At present I’ve banked money from about 170 sales although there are quite a few copies of the book out there in the various shops and with one or two individuals. I would guess about 230/250 sold which is pretty good in the first month. To remind you, we printed 1000 and need to sell about 600 to cover costs.