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Billy Storm

Bert P & Peter Hicks

Billy (Bert Parker) is the singer on the left

We’ve not heard about the late BS/BP for some time, but this message just appeared and it’s worth displaying here as it may get lost as a ‘way back’ comment. Thanks Dave:

“God Bless, Dear Bill. I had the pleasure of being in The Crescendos with him around 1963 / 1964 – Nobby Glover was on Drums & Bill was our superb vocalist. Our tour of Germany was a real highlight of my life – great times. Cheers, Dave (Whitt)”


IOW ’69 (Bob)

From Albie Somerset (cheers)

“There’s been a couple of articles in press about how Dylan ended up on the Isle of Wight Festival instead of Woodstock, to coincide with a new book out by Ray Foulke, first one was in the Independent.

And the second one was in the News (today) which doesn’t have a link to it yet.”


Message Delivered

It’s a bit like being Telegram Sam

From Nigel Baker for Phil Freeman in particular but the rest of you lot too – although I think the ‘dream job’ is no more (?):

“I’ve always loved 10cc but have been a bit sceptical as Graham Gouldman was the only original member. Anyway I swallowed my prejudice and went to see them in Crawley last night. They were absolutely fantastic. All I can say if Phil actually gets paid to work around those vocals he must have just about my dream job. [And I say that, having seen McCartney at the O2 on Saturday who was still pretty damn good]”

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Vinyl Tap Gigs

TOMORROW NIGHT: THE HOGS LODGE, Clanfield, just off the A3.

To help you plan ahead, here are some of our next dates:

FRIDAY 12TH JUNE: THE CRICKETERS – WESTBOURNE (Landlord’s Birthday, so should be a good night!)

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This Sporting Life


(Sorry Oscar – still no cap, no tie!). Martin departs his final lunch yesterday, in a weekend that predominantly featured eating (we didn’t actually play tennis)

Meanwhile Pete, don’t worry overmuch about the wild west because it wasn’t on Portsea Island and apparently the culprits are from Fareham. They don’t behave over that way you know (there’s song about it)

As for Mr Mook, if he got back from his various ‘trips’ to Sussex and caught that Mr Strange Norrell thing on the telly he will have heard the following alarming exchange:

“How are you finding Portsmouth sir?”

“I dislike Portsmouth intensely.”

I’m organising a boycott of further episodes


Twinkle RIP

She’s died. I guess she’ll hook up with Terry at the gates now. Apparently she was a very posh bird who went to school with that Camilla who’s sort-of nearly almost queen (if you get my drift).


Southsea Rocks

Well big stones anyway

SP Pier

A depressing shot from our trip around old Southsea haunts with Martin yesterday. Mind you it says nothing about kipping or shagging …

Smart MRA

As I suspected, there was nothing special happening along Southsea seafront but we did find a Car Boot sale (Martin, MRA & behind her, Rosie)


We got stopped by the NYCPD but let off with a caution. We then walked to the east side of the Pier where there is a rather fine beach side restaurant – so we had an al fresco lunch (but I forgot to take a photo)

More walking and then we stopped for tea at a favourite location which was new to our visitors


But I would have to say that for a Bank Holiday, Southsea was very quiet.

(I guess everyone who wasn’t in Shedfield went to Chichester)


What’s happening man?

My old buddy Martin ‘Light’ Richman is in town for the weekend and it will be great to see him although sadly we can’t visit the AAA Guildhall show as it’s shut (Bank Holiday/Weekend/Shut?)

I’m sure we can find ways of entertaining ourselves but I can’t find anything unusual/interesting happening around town. Am I right? Is Pompey dying a slow death? Or have I missed all the info?

50 years ago we could have gone down to Brighton for just about the last of the great (?) punch-ups? What is it with young people today?


Talking of Cricket

Which you probably weren’t?

I’ve spent most of the past two weeks at cricket matches and I get to do bits of commentary on various stations including BBC Radio Solent. We get lots of correspondence (Twitter, email etc) often quite funny.

So yesterday – because we were playing Middlesex –  I was rabbiting about Fred Titmus of Middlesex playing at Pompey in 1961 (Pete Cross will remember …) and one of our ‘regulars’ sent in a reminder of this wonderful Half Man Half Biscuit tune. Unsurprisingly, the title was not read out on air!