How do you feel

about music?

The young man (below) playing flute with my lot Scarlet Town (Barebones tonight) is Adam. He’s playing with us before going off to music college, next year. In the meantime as part of his current music studies he’s doing a survey about people and music and he’d be grateful if you’d complete and despatch it to him. Many thanks


Adam & Sue

PS Photo by Mick (cheers). Unusual on Thursday night that both Scarlet Town and Aubrey Small featured flute. On which subject, does anyone out there know anyone who teaches flute?

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In the Picture

Many thanks to Mick for these photos from last night’s enjoyable evening at the Guildhall:

Aubrey Small

Aubrey Small (plus guest vocalist)

Scarlet Town 11:15 a

Scarlet Town

Eleanor Hodge

Eleanore Hodge


I & I Dread

I don’t do that many gigs these days – a dozen a year at the outside – but tonight I’m starting a spell of three in eight days.

As a singer there’s one thing I dread more than anything else – worse even than entertaining a Hell’s Angels Convention or the 6.57 Crew at Basin’s

And there it was.

Tuesday morning a sore throat. By this morning a streaming cold that will no doubt convert to a chest sounding like a machine gun in the next day or two.

Stuffed – literally.



You may spot that today is the 150th anniversary of the delightful Alice in Wonderland. The real Alice (Liddell) married the Hampshire cricketer Reginald Hargreaves and they are buried together in the New Forest. Here’s a fine ‘tribute’ – so popular that people are known to use it as a ring-tone I believe


Youth Clubs

A couple of interesting comments about the Youth Clubs back when

I’m doing some new maps for the Guildhall AAA Show and it would be good to have one for YOUTH CLUBS that featured LIVE BANDS

I’ll start with three that I knew quite well:

St Nicholas’s Copnor

The Red Door, Baffins

St Margaret’s Eastney

More please



In Town Tonight or Out of Town

Saturday night – 28 November

If anyone tries to tell you they can’t make it because they’re off to see Yellowbed or Mellowbread or Right said Fred

Tell them it was LAST Saturday


In Town – Milton Village Hall, Scarlet Town & Jack Harris (barebones)


Out of Town – Jack Hargreaves with Tuxedo Junction at the Chairmakers Arms in Worlds End Nr Denmead.