Back to the Island

SHAGRAT RECORDS ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL IN ASSOCIATION WITH DIMBOLA MUSEUM AND GALLERIES AND HOOKAH RECORDS: Sunday 10th July will be marked by a special music event when a number of legendary rock musicians will descend on Freshwater (IOW) to offer us an afternoon and evening of blues, folk, acoustic and psychedelic sounds. Curated by London-based independent archive label, Shagrat and Wokingham’s Hookah Records, the show brings together some of the great figures from the late 60s and early 70s:

Dimbola Poster.jpg



I don’t envy anyone all that mud and I’m always wary of too many white blokes with guitars playing rock without roll, but the TV broadcasts are a good chance to check out stuff I wouldn’t hear otherwise. Tonight there was a bit about the town of Glastonbury which MRA and I are very fond of, plus nice reggae from Protoje, French electro chick Christine & the Queens (very interesting) and bloody hell!! Ronnie Spector singing “Be My Baby” bless her. Muse don’t amuse me, so having spent much of last night/this morning staring at the TV, it’s time for a kip. Are you watching?