Back to the Island

SHAGRAT RECORDS ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL IN ASSOCIATION WITH DIMBOLA MUSEUM AND GALLERIES AND HOOKAH RECORDS: Sunday 10th July will be marked by a special music event when a number of legendary rock musicians will descend on Freshwater (IOW) to offer us an afternoon and evening of blues, folk, acoustic and psychedelic sounds. Curated by London-based independent archive label, Shagrat and Wokingham’s Hookah Records, the show brings together some of the great figures from the late 60s and early 70s:

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I don’t envy anyone all that mud and I’m always wary of too many white blokes with guitars playing rock without roll, but the TV broadcasts are a good chance to check out stuff I wouldn’t hear otherwise. Tonight there was a bit about the town of Glastonbury which MRA and I are very fond of, plus nice reggae from Protoje, French electro chick Christine & the Queens (very interesting) and bloody hell!! Ronnie Spector singing “Be My Baby” bless her. Muse don’t amuse me, so having spent much of last night/this morning staring at the TV, it’s time for a kip. Are you watching?


Festival Frolics

Apparently it’s very muddy already at Glastonbury and queues involve 12 hour waits. Still at least some wise people know how to pass the time (12 hours? Just the first two days of a Test match)

Glastonbury cricket

BBC Website/story today