Tricky One

This’ll keep you amused for hours while I’m off out to entertain Turktown

I wanted to check the arrangement on one of our oldies from 20+ years ago, called “Big Train from Memphis”

And I noticed lots of “Big” songs – 48 in total – in my iTunes library

From what you know of my tastes/preferences, how many titles can you get? (At least a couple have more than one version of the same title)

I reckon I’d get about 10 max!


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On the Road Again



Well my bags are packed …*

It’s not often I et to play a new local venue these days but Reet Petite & Gone’s first gig of 2013 as part of the Gosport and Fareham Folk Festival is at the Masonic Hall, Clarence Road, Gosport – a stone’s throw from where MRA grew up.

(*Don’t be fooled by the guitar – I’m strictly washboard!)


No Carole King thanks …

I remember back in the Hippy Days at the appropriately named BATH Festival it rained for much of Sunday and Country Joe (solo) came on and got the crowd chanting something like “No More Rain”

It may surprise you to know that this early encounter (for me) with the art of Positive Thinking was crap. I got soaked (so too, Mr Mook, Mr T and others of our acquaintance) – so much so that for safety reasons the Byrds had to play acoustically (but beautifully)

Anyway, this weather’s doing my head in man – how can anyone watch cricket in this?


Playlist nominations are requested for a perfect evocation of the most perfect warm & dry summer weather  – and they’ve got to be good tunes too which makes things a bit dodgy for John T & Olivia Whatserface-Bong

I’ll get started with

“Heatwave” – Martha & Vandellas


Ben Waters

Trevor Jones has asked me to post this which I’m very happy to do, although there is a degree of familiarity here (to fans I guess) which means there is no information about WHERE the Festival is. It’s called Watercombe at Watercombe House, Dorchester on 1 June 2013


Lovely weather at last.  The digger has arrived in the pit again and things are well under way for our Festival on the 1st June.  Tickets have gone mad and it won’t be long before we are sold out!  Hooray!  You can still get tickets from Mum (Ann) on 01305 812775.  They are £25 each and include camping.  You can camp Friday night for an extra £10.  The line up keeps growing and we will have a completely wonderful 12 hours of music on the 1st from Mungo Jerry, Hustle, The Producers, Chris Jagger, Tom Alford, The Devils Rejects, Ralph Cree’s Magic Drum Workshop, me and the band, and more.   My catering friends are doing wonderful food and the Stumble Inn will be open for real ale and cider.

Last weekend was my favourite ABC & D gig yet.  Axel Zwingenberger, Charlie Watts, Dave Green and myself were squeezed into the Pizza Express where we got to eat as many pizzas as we could.  The Rolling Stones don’t eat, so I got Charlie and Ronnie’s share.  Also Chris Rand and Adam, who usually play in my band, came down and blew the roof off the place with a monster version of Chicken Shack Boogie.  Hopefully we will be doing some more ABC & D shows later this year.

I reunite with Nine Below Zero next month with three shows.  We are rehearsing at Glenn Tilbrook’s studio on 5th April, then play a warm up gig at a place called The Pelton (not sure where that is yet, apart from London), then we play in a place called The Brook in Southampton on the 6th and then the Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne on the12th.  I am really looking forward to that.  If you follow this link to NBZ’s My Space site and press the play button you should hear our version of Chuck Berry’s Move It.  I love it!


Two Thrift Club gigs in April to make up for the lack of one in March.  The first is for a very old friend I met through Rock ‘n Roll guitarist Mickey Gee. I played with Mickey in Cardiff and he introduced me to Mike Webb who has now booked me for nearly 20 years.  We are doing a gig in The Thorn Hotel, Abercynon, Wales on Sunday, 14th April at 5pm. The other Thrift Club gig will be at one of our favourite places, The Square and Compass, Windmill Hill, Ilminster on the 20th.  It’s a very long story behind these special Thrift Club gigs, but we are really pleased to be doing them and really look forward to these two gigs.  They will be posted on the web site in the next couple of days.

We have just sorted out a Facebook page,  so you can click on this link: www.facebook.com/watersbenpianoand like us.

Also Linked in and Twitter will be on the way.   You can also visit the web site www.benwaters.com which will be going through some major changes soon.


First House

Here we are then, 6.30 pm and the first house due to start:

2006BA8918.tif 2




First up Compere Tony Marsh followed by the Terry Young Six  with vocalist Debbie Lee and then the fun-filled, zany Viscounts.

After which the Beatles closed the first half. Barry Miles’ “Diary” suggests that their set list on this tour was: Love Me Do, Misery, A Taste of Honey, Do You Want to Know a Secret, Please Please Me and I Saw her Standing There.