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Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the first ‘Summer of Love’ with all that that entailed. There will no doubt be lots of fuss about it – indeed it’s already started at the V&A.

I have been engaged by some younger academics at the University to work on a Project with them called “I Got Life” which marks the anniversary, seeking to do two things in particular: (1) to produce a local, Portsmouth-based account of that period, set against the conventional histories and (2) to consider its legacy.

It is not merely a musical project, but obviously music will constitute a significant element. I have avoided citing any details here beyond the vague date because I am interested in hearing as many memories and stories as possible – either as Comments on here or as emails to me at the University (dave.allen@port.ac.uk). It’s not essential that you were immersed in what went on – it might be just as interesting to hear from people who were not, or who avoided it.

In the hope of getting a reasonable number of responses I shall leave this post up here, as the latest one, for a while.



I Remember You

This year’s annual ‘get together’ for those who can remember (or need reminding about) the Good Old Days is at the Star & Garter, Copnor Road, on Friday 9 December (just north of the Burrfields  Rd turn off, on the right, if you’re driving out of Pompey)


Isn’t She Lovely?


And the shirt’s not bad mate. Phil writes

“Born into the world of Phil and Rita 40 years ago…our ever gorgeous daughter Emma..Like father like daughter , this pic taken when the old man had his guard down,and and a few empty glasses of g&t……………….Big thanks go out to me old mate Mr Kingsley for the venue,and all ‘the girls’ etc for making it a great night…….FORTY YEARS AGO, BLIMEY CRIKEY: “ISN’T SHE LOVELY” the tune of and for the day…..”

(But Phil – where is the lovely Meter Maid?)

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Swinging London

Spotted Marc Tuddenham at the IOW opening on Wednesday, after which he sent these memories from his days in CHERRY SMASH. He says

“Hatchett’s Playground opened in 1968 after the old Hatchett’s, formerly a hotel,  had been unused and in disrepair for years.  In the 1920s & 30s it became second only to the Café de Paris as the top venue for dining and dancing. It was a pretty exotic venue – just like walking through a scene from the film Barbarella!”

Hatchett's 1968.jpg


Cheers Marc.

(On that same Friday 11 October Harlem Speakeasy were down the road apiece at Soho’s Flamingo. It should have been thrilling, but was one of the worst gigs of my life. They hated us!)

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Back to the Island

Last night, the opening in the Guildhall of the splendid new show about the 1968/1969/1970 IOW Festivals – and many congratulations to Nigel, Audrie and Phil for their efforts plus:

Ray Foulk – one of the three brothers who put them on and who with daughter Caroline has written the two excellent books about the events. Here he is last night telling us stuff about them


Plus Ray & Nigel have produced another book for the Exhibition (£7)


Last night too, there was a gig by Nik Turner (ex Hawkwind)




Definitely Then

50 years ago this Sunday evening I was at the Guildhall watching this lot


I sometimes find such things hard to imagine, the MJQ in Pompey – what times they were!

(My only drawback was that I had a headache! I’d been kicked on the head playing a Sunday League football game that afternoon. We lost: Pontiac 3 v Portchester 6.)

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Now & Then

About 60 years ago, one of Pompey’s earliest skiffle groups, ‘The Saints’ left-right: Pete Denford, David Denford, John ‘Titch’ Hodges, Dave Thistle, Pat Green


And here they are again – early ‘Flower Power’?

The Saints 2.jpg

And playing the same stuff this afternoon at Leesland Park Gosport (circa 4.30pm), the Southsea Skiffle Orchestra:




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Days of Heaven

Mick sent me this rather fine photo of a happy recent reunion of three of the five remaining members of the original HEAVEN – always one of my favourite Pompey bands


Ray King (blowing things – left) was over from Germany and he hooked up again with ‘Nobby’ Glover (drums) and Mick (organ). Many, many memories no doubt!