Happy New Year Folks!

I’m not sure whether anyone is still out there – apart from Mick – but in case you are, may I wish you a very happy 2018. We’re done with all those flowers and summer of love stuff now, but 50 years after 1968, here’s a link to a site reminding us about a very remarkable year for album releases


Have fun!


And the answer is …

(I guess you’re all taking it easy?)


The young man seated bottom left, who is also this guy:

John Lytle

and this one (right):

Rosemary Common

John Lytle organ, piano, guitar, even sitar (although I never saw him blow anything, musical that is) of Harlem Speakeasy and Rosemary. Then he went to London and played with Mick & Andy McGuigan and Tom Powell, leaving there mid-1970s to the IOW to rejoin John Edwards of Harlem Speakeasy in the Pumphouse Gang. He’s remained an islander ever since.

Incidentally, bass guitarist Mick Legg (above) sent this year’s photo.

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Spreading the Word

A couple of years ago (more?) the first edition of the Rock Atlas had very little to say about Pompey – the main think I think was that tune by Mike Oldfield (?). So I wrote and there is now rather more, focusing on Tony Crombie. Here’s the first page (of two) from the new edition:

Rock Atlas 2.jpg

(Running vertically top left there’s even a small credit for Mick, me and Pompey Pop)